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The ACE Mission:


Where would we be without novels and cinema? Our ways of bonding with cultures from around the world is done through the arts. Various languages are spoken all over the world, but watching a movie or crying over a book is a universal pleasure that can be shared, regardless of what language it may be in.

We are Ace National, a non-profit organisation that is constantly in support of disabled Australian writers and film makers. Writing and filmmaking are the topics that we love most in the world and this organisation was created to support this and push the art further. There are no bounds when writing or making a film – and sometimes, when fortunate enough, these two art forms can collide.

We laugh, we cry, and we fall in love with the greatest books and movies that are released each year. We often compare ourselves to the heroes and heroines in our favourite stories and this is because they bring out the best in the world of humanity. We recognise that disabled writers and directors are capable of telling stories that are able to connect with and this is why we are so passionate about the arts. Thank you to our supporters Full Frame Productions.

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Cancer by Mike Powers

Pale, sunken in faces surround me. They glance across at me as they walk past, dark circles surrounding their eyes, vague with disappointment.  They’re searching for an answer. An answer no one can give them. Read more…

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