Month: June 2018

Cancer By Mike Powers

Pale, sunken in faces surround me. They glance across at me as they walk past, dark circles surrounding their eyes, vague with disappointment.  They’re searching for an answer. An answer no one can give them. Their bones are protruding, their muscles weak. Their bodies simply tired. Searching eyes look up at me, from the children […]

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Elsie by Katie Claryn

Elsie looked in the mirror and sucked in her tummy. The lit up numbers on the mirror told her her age, height, weight, and vital organ stats. She ignored them all, especially the blinking red light tracking her liver. Yep, definitely losing fat. She wanted to be in shape before they started their family, so […]

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The Diesel Engine

The sound of a diesel churning truck engine rumbled faintly in the distance with a threat like approaching thunder. Emily wiped an arm across her forehead, and felt the sweat in her escaping fringe drag across her skin. Posters stuck on fences of chicken-wire were illuminated by the dozens of small bonfires like that which […]

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