Video Production

Video production is a powerful tool; corporate videos, film production, music video production, it’s everywhere! These are all the ways in which we communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings and our emotions. For some, it’s a huge release of emotions. For most, it’s pure entertainment. Our friends at Full Frame Productions are a video production Sydneycompany and are helping us with the video side of Ace National and the Ace Award. Their corporate videos have played a huge part in helping other businesses in Sydney with their corporate website videos and training videos etc, but now they’re wanting to help with video production in a different way. Our film making and video production section of Ace National (current in progress) is how Full Frame Productions is attributing to Ace National. With their expertise in video production (we don’t know!) They’re helping us add a masterful mind to the Ace National team. Although they are primarily a corporate video production company, they also have experience in music videos, and other video production such as film-making. This is where Ace National is heading — and invites all submitters to please get their videos in and reviewed so we can post the as soon as possible. The explosion of video production particularly in Sydney means that we can introduce this wonderful opportunity to people with disabilities.
So, what videos we suggest you submit? Anything you want! There are lots of people that like to make all sorts of video for all sorts of reasons, and we encourage 100% of you to get on board and submit! We are here to showcase the talent of Sydney’s disabled film makers and writers, so we want to see home videos, corporate videos, short films, feature films, and everything in between! Our video production friends at Full Frame Productions will review your video and will review it for you! Use your video production skills to express your self and be proud of who you are!



A little bit about Full Frame Productions. Well, as mentioned above, they’re a corporate video production company in Sydney. They’re one of few video production companies that are reaching out to help others in need. They believe that video is now the #1 way to talk to people. This is great for businesses that want to creative website videos to promote their brand. Videos are becoming very popular and as a result, there are a lot of video production companies like Full Frame Productions that are very busy! In their spare time, they do work tirelessly for ACE national which is very helpful for us in our quest to support disabled filmmakers. A big thank you to Full Frame Productions for their help this far. It’s only the beginning and we look forward to many more years of a solid relationship. If you would like to know more about Full Frame Productions and what they can provide you and your business, please head to their website. They offer a large range of corporate videos including all the major types. What we think is extra cool is their explainer videos. Take a look!